Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Christmas Greeting 2012

On a silent night did Krishna incarnate in a prison to liberate the world.
On a silent night did Jesus take birth to give salvation to his world-wandering herd.
On a silent night did Buddha sally forth in secret to find enlightenment.
Of the silent dark night does St. John of the Cross sing; when his love yearned and his house was at rest.
On that happy night, all his senses stilled, did he exit by the secret ladder---says he.
Such a night is the sister of Dawn. Such a night is the night of light wherein all that were restless come to settle down-- says the Veda.
On such a night does the priest remain awake -- says Ahur Mazda to Zarathushtra.

Such a night is the luminous dawn of enlightenment for the yogi.
May you, senses stilled, experience the Divine Birth within on such silent night of interior stillness and find the secret ladder whereby to ascend to the throne of Light.
Celebrate with serene joy the Silent Night, the seven-chakra-candle Hanukkah, a change of season, sun's turning, you prospering with a spiritual fortune.
Enjoy your awakening into stillness and let that be the celebration of joy.