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EYEFUL of SKY – AMMAJI’s Book of Poems

Eyeful of SkyWalking on the path depicted in the above photograph in the company of my granddaughter produced the Poem "The Enchanted Forest". Read about it in EYEFUL of SKY.

Here is what one reader said after going through EYEFUL of SKY:
"Hi Ammaji,
Regarding the beauty of your poems: I felt the meanings rather than just understood them, they drew me into an experience. Lovely words used. I felt drawn into experiences that were often touched with light and spirituality. Sometimes I felt a deep quiet.

Really, I find it hard to say other than this. Randall K."

EYEFUL of SKY is a short collection of my poems. They relate to some of my spiritual, social, and personal experiences. I have been writing poetry for many years and was apprehensive at first about sharing some of the spiritual wonders. But after reading the Autobiography of a Yogi when I was at college, I felt inspired to pen my experiences whenever I was moved by some event, sight or feeling. I have lived a varied life from the earth smelling fragrances of the rain forests of Guyana, to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean (in Jamaica, where I spent three years in college) to the international excitement of London, to the calm and quiet of the Midwestern Minneapolis, to the exotic Himalayan locale of Dehradun, to the academia of Princeton. I have been fortunate to have traveled many places with my Guru SR, and my husband, my kids and their kids.

These experiences have enriched me so much that I finally felt I needed to share them. So EYEFUL of SKY is here. Part profits from the sale of Eyeful of Sky are going to help poor children in Dehradun go to school. Please consider to share as gifts for the holiday season.

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Mrs. Lalita Arya, fondly known as Ammaji which means 'mother' in Hindi, is a social advocate, author, artist, educator and Vedic priestess. Twenty-seven years ago, she founded Kindness, Health, Education & Laughter (KHEL), in Dehradun, India. KHEL's primary objective is educating impoverished children, which often entails providing medical care, emergency aid and other forms of support. KHEL currently serves over 400 children and their families and is in its third generation of students. Ammaji considers her work with KHEL to be her greatest achievement.