Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

How to find answers to life's problems

If your mind constantly dwells on problems, it has no time for solutions. It is the nature of the mind that it can do only one thing at a time, at least your rational and emotional mind. It can do only one thing at a time. If it is busy complaining about the problems, there is no way that it can find a solution. The only way to find a solution is to neutralize your mind as regard to the problems themselves. Neutralize the emotional content of your mind with regard to a problem. By "neutralizing your mind" I mean neutralizing the emotional content to a problem before you can find a solution.  And then the solution will present itself.  This applies to your marital life.  This applies to your other relationships.  This applies to all the internal mental habits of anger or of depression or of self-pity or whatever it is that you have developed.  These emotions are our enemies.  They are blocks in the way of our progress.  They reduce our effectiveness.  And when our effectiveness is reduced, we go through a vicious circle in life: "I am not effective.  Oh, I always fail.  Oh, I am no good. It's not going to work." Somebody says, "Well, you've got to try." "Well, all right.  I will try, but don't think it's going to work."  So I have already blocked the possibility of my success.  Because the energy, the mental energy, the free flow of mental energy, the free flow of my prana, which is liberated, released into a specific direction when my mind is emotionally neutral, that will bring the effectiveness about, that free flow is blocked by these mental situations.