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Awakening Retreat Center Five Days of Slience

Awakening Retreat Center Five Days of Slience November 2-6, 2012

Awakening Retreat Center [9701 Deer Bally Rd, Brentwood CA 94513]

Jim NelsonSilence is the deepest and most authntic form of communication, both with others and within ourselves. It is the language that transcends the constant noise of our minds and allows us to experience our essence or true Self, that purest state of Being - a state of peace, joy and love.

Jim Nelson will guide this retreat. He has practiced and taught meditation for over 35 years. Jim has served as the predient of the Meditation Center in Minneapolis MN, and has worked extensively as a a consulting psychologist in both medical clinics and public school setings. He ahs spoken at bothe national and international conferences on a variety of psychological and philosophical topics. Jim is the author of the book Running on Empty: Transcending the Economic Culture's Seduction of Our Youth.

Details and registration, please call the Awakening Retreat Center at 925.755.8822 or 925.389.6158