Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Silent Meditation Retreat/Minneapolis/July 2012

Swami Veda shares this letter of Diane "as an example of egoless reaction to one's spiritual accomplishment of silence -- something to aspire for" and writes that it would be beneficial for those who undertake periods of silence with us to look at themselves in the way Diane has done -- candidly and without fear.

Dear Swamiji,
Thank you for your wonderful teaching during the days of the silent retreat at Minneapolis.
On the first day of class of the ten day retreat, Swami Ritavan asked if each might share what we hoped to achieve by attending this retreat. My reply was, "Would like to become aware of impediments that keep me from living fully through my Divine Soul."
Through not being mindful, my careless misdeed of speaking when professing silence has made me acutely aware of one of my defilements. A momentary lapse in mindfulness may easily bring undesirable consequences to what has been achieved.
Only a fool speaks words that do not come from the stillness of mind--a mind whose team of wild horses and raging elephants are at bay. This person admits to being a fool; she freely states what others may merely think or whisper. My prideful overly active mind wishes to be my master and resents being my servant.
The rampaging elephants of my mind are relentlessly trying to get my attention and bring me to the torment of unrelenting hell. And my defilements are constant marauding robbers, selfishly taking whatever they may with total self justification. Only vigilant mindfulness, moment by moment, with a very strong sense of resolve and single minded purpose, may tame these ever present raging elephants and selfish marauding robbers.
Furthermore, success on the spiritual path is predicated on a tremendous resolve of single minded purpose. Always present is the question, "Will this behavior lead to God realization?"
The ordinary Ant has a great sense of single-minded purpose and resolve--it never questions God's plans. Recently, was watching ants in the garden and greatly admired their matter of fact sense of purpose. They had been carrying food to their nest along a certain path and during the night a storm had thrown a large branch on their path. After about an hour of trial and error maneuvers, they would finally cross the log by walking backwards and pulling the heavy morsels over the obstacle. Never for a second did the Ant lose sight of its purpose. May this person learn what the Ant clearly knows.
Oh God, may your Divine Grace guide this one in silencing and purifying the mind, so your inspired whispers may be a constant companion and guide.
Only in the sacred stillness of silence, may a purified soul enter the Divine Cave of the Heart and dance eternally with the Divine Spirit of Love--the immortal gift of ancient recycled atoms of cosmic energy uniting all forever as one in the eternal cosmic dance of love.
May you be well.
May you be with peace.
Diane Hunter