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Ahymsin May 2012 Newsletter

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May 2012 Newsletter article index:

  1.  Swami Veda Talks about 2013
  2.  Chakra Puja
  3.  A Discussion with a Wandering Monk
  4.  Tara Comes to Town
  5.  My Experience as a Gurukulam Student
  6.  The Art of Borobudur
  7.  Meditation Classes in Pune
  8.  German Group Visits SRSG
  9.  Three New Books by Swami Veda
  10.  Running on Empty
  11.  Pilgrimage to the Himalayas
  12.  Yoga at the University
  13.  Stoma Visits California
  14.  Something Swamiji Said
  15.  Evening Lecture Series
  16.  Opportunities for 2012 and 2013

Our next edition is planned for end of June.

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