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Randall Krause meets S, KHEL heart patient

Hym-la [Himalayan Yoga Meditation - Los Angeles] provides support to three charitable schools in India including KHEL (Kindness, Health, Education, Laughter)

Randall Krause, a qualified yoga teacher, is a devoted supporter of KHEL for many years. When he heard that we needed funds for a heart surgery for one of our students, he immediately got to work, collecting the monies for our 15 year old S. (name withheld for privacy protection). I met him at SRSG and arranged for him to meet S. Our manager Beni drove S down from Dehradun to Rishikesh. S is writing his 9th grade exams, and with the highway traffic arrived just in time to take some pictures with Randall and have a quick chat.

We are fortunate that now that S had recovered, he is able to attend school but has certain exertion restrictions, for example he is forbidden from riding a bike. On his last check up in Delhi, the doctors prescribed a blood thinner for him, and have now referred him to the Himalayan Institute Hospital, about a hour away from his home. We are delighted by this, as the Hospital was built by Baba, Swami Rama, who is also the inspiration for KHEL. Now S will not have to travel all the way to Delhi - 8 hours by bus thus avoiding the resultant strain. We wish to thank Randall and all the donors who gave so generously so that S may have a normal life as it possible for him. His medications and other nutrition are being provided by KHEL. KHEL has been working in these communities for over 25+ years, providing education, nutrition and other career opportunities. When we are blessed with being able to help a child with health challenges, all problems facing us pale in the significance of the shy smile we receive from him.