Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

The Mastermind

Yoga that is meditation, in our tradition is first a process of de-habituation, de-conditioning the mind. . . . Whatever you will do repeatedly with your mind will become your mind's habit. You react to somebody's anger that is thrown at you because that is your habit. There is nothing natural about it. You can reverse that habit. You can change that habit. And the same situations that trigger anger in you today, when you have become a mastermind . . . You know what mastermind means? Master of your mind - when you know that mind is your instrument and you can tell your mind what you want the mind to do. 'Mind be angry'; then the mind is angry. 'Mind be calm'; then the mind is calmed. 'Mind shout loud.' 'Mind speak softly, lovingly'; mind speaks softly, lovingly. De-habituation, de-conditioning, replacing the old conditions and habits with new conditions and habits.


- from Swami Veda Bharati's lecture series Spirituality as Longevity (2003)