Ahymsin February 2012 Newsletter

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Articles in this month's newsletter are listed below:

1. First Initiation by Swami Veda Bharati
2. Something Swamiji Said by Four Sadhakas
3. This Journey by Lucia
4. A Spiritual Retreat in Thailand by Stoma Parker
5. The Birth of Swami Prashant Bharati by Joanne Sullivan
6. Kamadeva & Valentine by Lalita Arya
7. Dr. George Mann
8. SRSG Impressions by Ian Stenlund
9. Back to the Himalayas by Gustavo Plaza (Arjuna)
10. Anatomy in Clay by Mary Bowman-Cline
11. Reeny Rowny Cookies by Margaret Woods
12. 2011 Events and Beyond
13. Full Moon Meditation Dates
14. Location of our SRSG ashram