Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

A New Important Project

A new important project has begun in Ahymsin. A group of people from all over the world has been selected and invited to SRSG by Swami Veda Bharati with the purpose of translating and recording numerous meditations in the respective languages.

As Swamiji said during the course, our Tradition is probably a unique reality all over the world; the amount of recorded meditations at all different levels is a treasure that no other schools possess. So a desire to make such a patrimony available for all humanity is now the driving purpose of this project: to translate and record the selected meditations in all the different languages so that the barrier of language would be overcome allowing the teachings and guidance of the Masters to achieve anybody in need.


This has just been the first of a series of meetings and courses that will follow starting from March 19th till 29th 2012 with another group including some of the people that were already present in this meeting and new people that will join to add more human resources, more cooperation and new languages. March 2012 will also be the date when the actual recordings will start.

The languages represented in this first meeting were: Chinese (Shi Hong and Tinyu Chen), Japanese (Fukusan Iida), Thai (Thaniya Kevalee), German (Hardy Krappe), French (Caroline Thomazeau), Spanish (Eric Chavez Betancourt), Greek (Litsa Martzoukou), Romanian (Dr. Daniel Jalba), Kannada (Swami Niranjan), Nepalese (Swami Uttamananda Bharati), Dutch (Kries Mannie Sing), Hindi (Praveen) and Gujarati (Tejas). I've been blessed with the invitation of Swami Veda Bharati to be part of this group of people as an Italian translator.

It has been the most beautiful example of how modern science can support and interact with the ancient knowledge of the Shastras.

Specific individual sessions in the lab during which the translator's forehead tensions were measured and used as a feedback in different moments, (while thinking, while guiding meditation with open and closed eyes) were alternated with the guidance and suggestions given in daily meetings with Swami Veda, during which open discussions were encouraged by Swamiji so that individuals' experiences could be shared and turned into useful suggestions and deeper understanding for the entire group.

The humble, sweet, joyful and professional attitude of Daniel, Eric and Praveen in the lab has permitted all of us to become aware of more and more subtle details about the influence of forehead relaxation while guiding people in meditation.

The generosity of initiators of our tradition like Swami Ritavan, Swami Nitya, Swami Ma Radha, Dr. Stoma Parker, Yoong from Singapore, Michael Kissener from Austria, Alexander Benjamin from Trinidad, Helen Choe from Korea, Sushil Naidu, Carolyn Hume, and Savitri Jugdeo and of experienced and knowledgeable people like Shi Hong and our adored Tinyu has enriched and supported the meetings during which everybody was invited to express their thoughts, doubts, experiences and suggestions.

It has been a beautiful example of the effectiveness of feedback process and discussion among people trying to improve their own knowledge and understanding of the process of "guiding meditations".

To observe such experienced people mixing with the passion, curiosity and enthusiasm of younger and less experienced kalyana mitra has been inspiring.
It has been a huge lesson seeing how the elder ones were humbly open to listen to the younger ideas and so generously and again humbly willing to answer their questions. New friendships developed, existing ones deepened, the atmosphere between everybody has been just magic, fun and yet so deep.

And then Swami Veda... His guidance was every day just a river of wisdom, love and simplicity flowing through us...

He focused on making us understand and feel the source from which speech arises. Guiding us through this process by making us understand all the different levels at which speech occurs, following the path of the word coming out of the mouth till its source and instructing us on how to go and dwell and speak FROM that source. Making us experience how, when speaking from there, the right vocal chords will be selected and the right volume and tone of the voice will arise. Inviting us to speak from an Atma Tattva Avalokanam experience.

Great attention has being paid to the role of relaxation. We have been instructed on how to go through a fast but systematic and effective relaxation while preparing, how to constantly check that relaxation in between instructions, in those few seconds of silence in between words; how to recognize which parts of our bodies would unnecessary tense as soon as we would start speaking, learning to be selective on the activation of the necessary muscles allowing the rest of the body to be absolutely still.

The role of mantra, once again, as an important ally was highlighted by Swamiji. When remembered during those moments of silence in between instructions, it would ease our own relaxation, allowing us to guide people towards deeper experiences.

As all of the participants will be guiding those meditations in a recording studio, having in front only a microphone, Swamiji emphasized the importance of keeping in mind the intention of our guiding, "what do you want those people to experience?" so that such a feeling of love and sharing would be flowing in your words.

The importance of surrendering with a prayer and invoking the presence of the Masters before beginning came up all the time from Swamiji and the people during all the discussions.

His guidance transformed the act of guiding and the simple act of speaking in any given moment of our life into an act of Yoga.

Speaking will never be the same in my life.

It was beautiful to notice how the voices of some of the people in the meetings were changing throughout the days during the normal discussions; without noticing or forcing, the tone of their voice was lower, more relaxed, the words slower. Their speech was turning more into a melody like experience.

I was contemplating on the impact that the development of this project might have: it will make extraordinary valuable material become accessible for millions of people that otherwise would not have the opportunity to understand it; it will open the opportunity of entering in the houses of people that maybe would not yet be ready to go in a Yoga class and allow them to live such an experience in their own privacy; it will open a new opportunity of income to support the development of our tradition that once more is preparing to give a beautiful service to Humanity.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to each and every one of the Rishis that through the centuries gave their lives to allow us to benefit from this knowledge so needed in such a difficult historical moment for humanity.

Immensely grateful for the opportunity given, I bow touching the feet of Swami Veda, serving Him and Swami Rama with all my love and devotion.

Hari Om