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Full Moon Meditation Feb 7th 2012

Swami Veda invites you to join him for the Full Moon Meditation, Tuesday, February 7th
Drinking Mr. Moon’s Shine
By Kai Stenlund

I, through my troubled mind glance at the moon. The wise old man pours his light, dissolving
shadows of discontent in life so pure.
Our eyes are mirrors, Projecting and reflecting the quality of our hearts, onto
ourselves, and unto others.
We were born breathing in while our mothers were breathing out. For a moment
we were a single being breathing in and out as one. I wish for us to breathe like this.
The fabrics of existence, of life, connect the Mother Universe and us.
This umbilical cord cannot be cut.
All it takes is a glance, and if you live with open eyes, he will breathe into you the
wisdom of light, and the Love of the Mother.
Thoughts are of no concern to the stars, ask them about existence, tell them of your troubles.
If you live with an open ear they will tell you about eternity in the language of Silence.
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"May the guru spirit and the Guru's Grace shine for you, within you, like the cool mind-settling light of the full moon"
- Swami Veda Bharati