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To Serve Nature

Here at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, we have just completed a nine-days international children's and youth's meditation retreat. Over 150 children from different countries participated---together with 75 'guardians.' The children speaking Korean, Dutch, Italian, German etc. had no problem in developing loving communication. It was one single family. The details of the happy events can be read in the newsletter of our AHYMSIN at

One ten year old child has written me (in Italian), translated as follows:

My name is Daniele. I am a great lover of all nature, be it animals, plants or rocks. I know that our earth is suffering because we humans are destroying it. I wish to know: How can I possibly help Nature so that it may be saved and returned to the state of paradise that it was in before?


I would like to reply as follows:

My dear Daniele,

You have a beautiful mind to think and feel this way of loving Nature. I can only give following suggestions:



  1. Many times when we grow up we forget the beautiful thoughts we had as children. I hope your elders help you remember the thoughts you now have so that when you grow up and have power to do something, you will truly help Nature. Just decide in your mind that you will never forget the thoughts you now have.
  2. Humans are destroying the earth because they always want more and more of everything. You decide in your mind that you will never let such desires for 'more and more' affect your thoughts, not even when you become an adult.
  3. From now keep thinking of what kind of groups you will create who think and feel on these lines so that people learn to live by taking less from nature.

This is enough for now. Ten years from now, when you are about 18 years old, I would like to know if you are still thinking the same way.

It is so wonderful to receive the kind of love you have given me by coming for a blessing and also to say good-bye before you left the Ashram.

With all my love – Swami Veda

A message here to the already-adulterated adults: Please help these children to remember these pure ideals that have come to them from Mother Nature. They have these thoughts because when Mother Nature speaks to them, they listen as you do not. Please, please, take them through an education system where they are not made to forget the wisdom that divinity is granting to them.

Here, for you all, a card I distributed at the beginning of the children's retreat.