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SADHANA, the Path to Enlightenment
Yoga the Sacred Science, Volume 2

Sadhana, the Path to Enlightenment"All sadhana is meant to purify the mind and make the mind one-pointed and inward so it can be directed toward the center of consciousness within the inner chamber of your being. Physical growth is in the hands of nature; mental growth and spiritual growth are in your hands. The second chapter of the Yoga Sutras is completely devoted to sadhana and is replete with methods of practice to help you improve yourself by learning to control your mind and its modifications. Then, you can attain a state of samadhi and realize the Self within." - Swami Rama

Sadhana: The Path to Enlightenment, Yoga and the Sacred Science Vol 2, by Swami Rama has just been published by HIHT press and is now available from The Meditation Center online bookstore, which ships nationally and internationally. Also, please see Amazon.  This book is also available in Kindle at Amazon.  In India, inquire at AHYMSIN Publishers. In Europe, inquire at


“The focus of the second volume of Yoga the Sacred Science is sadhana, spiritual practice. In this volume Swami Rama reminds us that we are here in this world because we have a purpose to fulfill. That purpose is enlightenment, a state of awareness of the Self, the one Absolute beneath all forms and names. The height of enlightenment is the realization that God is within. The path to enlightenment is sadhana. Based on personal experience, Swami Rama leads us through a systematic step-by-step description of how to tread the path to enlightenment. True sadhana is a silent experience.” – Lotus Press



You can also buy Samadhi: the Highest State of Wisdom, Yoga the Sacred Science, Vol 1, at the places mentioned above.

"The day that you attain a state of samadhi, not only will you stop identifying yourself with the objects of the world, but you will be established in your essential nature. You will become yogi. Your mind, actions, and speech will be guided by pure consciousness and you will no longer commit mistakes. You will not hurt, harm or injure anyone in any way. You will become more creative, dynamic, and selfless, and you will understand the meaning of life. Once you have attained the highest state of tranquility you will not be affected within by worldly turmoil and worldly situations." – Swami Rama

Lotus Press writes: The contents of the first volume of Yoga the Sacred Science have been taken from Swami Rama’s lecture courses on the Yoga Sutras. Swamiji states that Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are the basis of ancient psychology. The explanations in this book include many practical pointers on how we can work with the mind in daily life, as well as study and direct the mind when in quieter states of meditation. Swamiji’s description of the totality of the mind, the functions of the mind, and the emotions, goes far beyond the concepts of modern psychology, and provides insight into the intricacies of yoga psychology, making this an invaluable edition from the therapeutic viewpoint as well as its practicality as a guide for living a healthy, balanced life.

Swami Veda often asks if people know about the publishing work that is being done through the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust.  The preparation of Swami Rama’s unpublished writings and lectures for publication and audio recordings for public release is among the priorities of Swami Rama Centre. These are priceless resources to serious sadhakas.  HIHT publications of Swami Rama books and audio cassettes are available by mail order through Swami Rama Centre.  They have books in English, Hindi, and Spanish. Please visit Swami Rama Centre Publications.