Wisdom of ten years old

Eeshan, 10, in London, is of 4th generation in my worldwide spiritual family. He is my mantra-initiate and meditates daily. Daily he goes to the Swami’s picture to do pranam before he leaves for school.

Recently he came to see me with his parents.

He expressed himself thus:

I have three wishes to fulfil in this life:

  • Third wish is to go and see the ice caves in Antarctica
  • Second wish is to visit outer space.
  • First wish is to become enlightened.

I told him in that context that when the Buddhists in Korea part from each other, their parting greeting is, “may you be enlightened”.


Dear Parent Reading this, what wishes have you cultivated in your child?

Dear Readers All, what are your greetings when parting from friends or family?

Swami Veda Bharati