SwamiVeda.org October 2011 eNewsletter

SwamiVeda.org October 2011 eNewsletter  by Dan Prideaux: Click Here

In this issue:

  • Yoga is a Science that Deals with Body, Breath, Mind, Soul, and Ultimately, the Universe Itself - Swami Rama
  • Swami Nitya - The Goddess of the Labyrinth and the Five Elements
  • Swami Veda’s 23-day Retreat In Minneapolis - 2012
  • Ammaji’s Corner
  • October KHEL News
  • Swami Veda Teaches at SRSG
  • International Study Programme Opens
  • Yoga-Youth Update - Lela Pierce
  • New Children’s Room at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama
  • Twitter Fan? See Swami Veda Quotes
  • AHYMSIN e-mail directory