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Swami Veda Recommends Two Books

Swami Veda recommends two books, Sutras of the Inner Teacher and Chariot of Sadhana, for deepening one’s understanding of Yoga and writes further


“Dear leading teachers,


I would really like to have these 2 books by Drs. Martin and Marian Jerry included in essential studies of advanced TTP and SRSG students.




The two books are:



  1. Martin and Marian Jerry (2001). Sutras of the Inner Teacher. The Yoga of the Centre of Consciousness. Unlimited Publishing, Bloomington, Indiana. ISBN 1-58832-029-4. Forward by Swami Veda Bharati.
  2. Martin and Marian Jerry, & Swami Veda Bharati (2007). Chariot of Sadhana. Yoga of the Inner Teacher. Unlimited Publishing, Bloomington, Indiana. ISBN 1-58832-173-8. Forward by David Frawley.


Drs. Martin and Marian Jerry, physician-scientist and clinical psychologist respectively, have studied and practiced Yoga since 1968 and were initiated into the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters by Swami Veda Bharati in 1982. They studied directly with the late H. H. Swami Rama for ten years in both North America and India. They are founding teachers of the Foothills Yoga Society in Calgary, Canada. They have conducted clinical and laboratory research on the effects of meditation and maintain an active interest in the medical and psychological applications of Yoga philosophy, psychology and practice.


Sutras of the Inner Teacher


"What is stated here is experiential. Even a distant glimpse of this light fills the soul and then spills over..." Swamiji writes about Sutras of the Inner Teacher


In the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga, the role of a sage is to awaken within the student the divine flame, that spark of divinity that all human beings carry within. The late H.H. Sri Swami Rama called this the “Teacher within,” or the “Centre of Consciousness.” In this book, the authors describe an awakening of the Inner Teacher, providing personal experiences that shed light on the mysteries of the guru-disciple relationship.


Chariot of Sadhana


The authors first review the Yoga of the Center of Consciousness and then describe in depth the nature of the spiritual practice for the new disciple using Sri Swami Rama’s metaphor of a chariot with two wheels: dispassion and practice as described in the first chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra, the core text of Raja Yoga. Both wheels must turn together for the chariot to advance. The book presents a unified system based in Raja Yoga that integrates the Yogas of life and discipline on a foundation of meditation suitable for this stage of the Spiritual Path. The book concludes with an exploration of the role of grace in the guru-disciple spiritual relationship.


Dr. David Frawley (Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies) writes, “The book’s explication of the role of the inner teacher, and the inner reality of the guru, is very important in these times in which people either superficially reject the idea of a guru or merely worship the outer personality of the teacher and don’t take up any real inner practice themselves.  For the serious student of yogic spirituality, the book provides a clear analysis of the crucial issues of Yoga practice.  This includes the ethical foundation of practice, the philosophy or view beyond the practice, and important details of meditation and the workings of the mind…The Chariot of Sadhana , makes an excellent textbook for deeper Yoga studies, for those who want to go beyond the bodily Yoga and the personal Yoga to the Yoga of the Infinite and Eternal.”


To Order these Books


Both books are published as print-on-demand; they are printed only when ordered. Individuals or bookstores anywhere in the world can place an order over the Internet.


Sutras of the Inner Teacher can be ordered HERE


Chariot of Sadhana can be ordered HERE


Both books can also be ordered direct from the printer in several versions.


The Lulu site also lists Diary of the Inner Teacher by Martin and Marian Jerry. This is a study guide that can be used with the Sutras book.