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Letter to an Initiate

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When a student becomes initiated into the Tradition, the teachers are always watching over him/her.  Read this letter to an initiate from Swami Veda Bharati
Dear Initiate,

Day and night a light burns for you, a fragrance is scattered for you: the light of the Guru's-Mind, the fragrance of the love of the Himalayan Lineage for all those who are linked to it through initiation. I, a servant of the servants of the Lord (daasaanudaasa) will continue to try to serve all those who are thus linked, till this body drops either in the course of service or during the bliss of a deep meditation.

Do allow me the serene and blissful moments of sharing with you a dip into that part of the universal Mind stream that flows pure as crystal through all of us.

With blessings,
In service of Gurudeva,

Swami Veda Bharati