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KHEL 1st Quarter 2011 Report



This Quarter our emphasis was on School activities. One of the main successes was that through many months of liaison with the Education Dept offices situated 2 days & one night away in the mountains, our school Lakshmi Devi Academy finally was awarded the official status of a recognized junior high school. Our thanks to Mrs. Kamli Bhatt, city councilor, Sri Ganesh Joshi, to our school & admin staff.  We breathe a sigh of relief as now we do not have to piggy back and pay other schools to see our students get transferred for high school. We can do it ourselves finally.



Shilpa a 3rd grader competed with 300 kids in an art competition organized by another charity and won the 2nd prize art trophy. We compliment both Shilpa and Mr. Mukesh our accomplished Art teacher.  Khel also managed a medical camp held on the school grounds for polio shots for kids and health information for mothers & young women. This is a bi-annual arrangement with the local government health offices.

Our volunteer program received a boost with the arrival of Luana and Fabio from Italy. They completed a 3 week tour of teaching yoga and computer skills to our kids. We thank them for giving their time. expertise and exchanging cultural and friendly relations with our students and staff. Our school is unique in that our students are exposed to international groups of visitors and volunteers through whose exchange the kids widen their horizon of the world.
We are hoping to get a surgery date from the Delhi hospital for our teenage heart patient as soon as his exams are over in March. Beni our manager, S’s parent will accompany him. We give thanks to Dr. Shirin Venkat, to the Patkar family, to Randall and Saumya for helping raise funds for the initial financial and blood units deposits at the hospital.

Our 8th graders decided on their own that they would like to gift their alma mater before proceeding to high school. They brought their own fir trees and planted them in the school grounds. We hope that they will come often to see how well their gifts are growing!!
Our school kids were invited to do some special local dance performances at SRSG Ashram. They were accompanied by the staff and music/drama teacher, Mukesh.  Mrs. Asha Stephen did the introduction of the performances, and Beni thanked the ashram for letting the students experience the spiritual atmosphere among its many residents.

The residents of the leprosy colonies continue to receive medical and nutritional rations. They also received gifts of sweets and fruits for festivals.
This quarter has been very challenging and an anxious one for us as we try to raise funds to continue our services to the communities we help near the Rispana river locality. We have been running KHEL for the past 26 years purely on donations, and as the economy started collapsing we worried that we might not be able to give to these wonderful children the education they seek and the laughter they need. We have been able so far to barely manage to pay our dedicated teachers and other staff and we sincerely thank all donors who keep us encouraged with their financial help. I would specifically like to mention our donors from Bangalore – EAPL, Dr. Advaita Manohar & friends in Canada, our Italian donors, our many American friends, Jay O, Sudhanshu A and Mr. Prabhyot Singh of Delhi, Ahymsin, and all those whose help give us hope that we can continue. To our board members and to Sw. Veda for his guidance, blessings and other help, we give thanks.