Lord Shiva

This poem is offered by John David Wilson from his travel into the mountains from Rishikesh, India

Getting to know Lord Shiva,
The ever meditative consciousness,

Is a process of releasing
Our skepticism, doubt and self doubt,
Our illusion that such
knowing is distant or
beyond our capabilities.

Having practiced stilling
the body, mind, emotions
And entering the inner ascension,
Know that consciousness
Meditating on the thousand
petalled lotus crown.

Unify that consciousness
With the universal Being,
Knowing this, also, as your body,
The ever meditative
universal guru spirit:
Over time you will
become familiar
with the path.

Given all these suns and planets,
You have chosen this space and time
to exist in this sector of the Eternal infinities.
Recall your purpose
Knowing that the work is
never done alone,
That purpose is communal from preconception.

Know that upon wich
Lord Shiva meditates,
The mystery, the source,
the shakti giving Shiva form.

Make your offereings to the dark goddess,
the Mother of both gods
and humans and all else.

Resolve to know every
breath and movement
As the dance of that divine energy.
Let every thought arise
from and return to
Her divine effulgence.