Offered by John David Wilson from his experiences in India

My many Karma seeds,
Bowls filled again and again,

Burn in pinches of offerings
To your Eternal Fire.

Offering habits wound around time,
Eventually I find the rhythum,
The inner flow of growth,
The release of illusion
into the Real.

Repetition like the habits of life,
Allows us to counteract the unconscious,
To open doors through time
And arrive again where we begin.

Kundalini crawling,
Awaiting the inexplicable
With Eternal patience
Awaits the Master's alignment,
Enticing the mystery
into Existence.

All that is,
In the eyes of the divine,
Shines with the dark glow
Of an inner universe
so silent and serene
We find it only when
We worship at your
hidden inner altar.