Dawn Upon My Heart

Offered by Elizabeth Procter inspired by her experiences in India

What happened to my day?

Was it only yesterday I sat in a cave
Awakening to another day
Silent meditation flows
Just being one
“I Am - I Am”
Sitting here upon these hills no need to move
To walk to eat
I have arrived
All is still
Silence is my throne
Eyes open or closed
Just being
I sit upon Samadhi throne
Wouldst that I could stay
Just one more day
Nay we have to go
Once more in Sada Grama
Two days I eat alone
No company do I keep
For silence is my practice true -
No snubbing of my friends!
My heart so full
Grace flow free
Who wouldst see?
Swami Veda with beaming smile
My pilgrimage - he sees it all