Offered by Elizabeth Proctor of UK, inspired by her experiences in India.


Is he ready must I wait?

Oh mind do be still
Patience dear all will be revealed
At last at last upon our way
This well trod path meanders right and left
Lifting us higher above the trees
Oh how bold to venture thus
Yet! I fear to stay Gods guiding hand
Heart in fear does beat in erratic flow
Cries out, ‘leave me hear I can’t go on’
While tears flow down my cheeks
Murmured sounds from my dry lips
“I fear going up “
While Jim in American drawl
‘It’s harder to come down’
‘I do not fear the down ward trek’
We laugh all is forgotten
How typical of God’s great gifts
To fear what we might receive
Let go in releasing breath
No need to fear
“I am - I am” no words are spoken, all is calm
Relief, sweet relief
Tis only one more bend in yonder path
Here I stand in Swami Rama cave
Pure joy assails my nostrils
Cloaked now in his red robe
He gives a smile
‘Well you made it then’
We sit in meditation
Gurudev and I
Such grace received
Released all fear of heights
I sit in Guru’s grace