Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


This poem is offered by Elizabeth Proctor of UK

How strange this land

Amid tall trees and winding paths
Where in the silence bells do chime
Welcome is the temple song, come give praises
In Gods passing song
This day does children’s laughter join with sonorous bells
Voices carried in whispered tone
By unseen winds
To become silent, as if by decree
Nature alone graces this land
Amid mountains bold
Sunlight closes, now giving light to even song
Must I wake from dreamless sleep?
A wondrous flow is breaths rhythmic song
To sit in flow within my heart
Looking out as body stirs from toes to finger tips
Breath grows stronger now
Mind awake in mantric flow
To light a candle while I do pray
Full light beckons now
Excitement flow
Today I take one more step
A pilgrimage, of old.