Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


This poem is offered by Elizabeth Proctor who lives in UK.


Guided by my Guru

A Pilgrimage to take
Rugged hills and bustling towns
No impression make
In silence I sit wrapped in shawl
To hand out bananas
Our driver taking one
Here a boarder guard
With expression bland as he looks within
Driver not perturbed - both babble in a foreign tongue
Serene I sit with heart pounding
I hope he doesn’t ask for passport
As driver hands him a banana in exchange for a pass
The guard once more looks within. Our eyes meet.
In silence lowering eye lids I nod my head
Mala playing in my hand
Let through. At last, he gives a nod.
Such a tale to tell,
Our driver happily laughs.
Revealing all
I told the boarder guard the banana was Prasad
Prasad from Mata Gee
Silence broken
A bubble of laughter left my lips
Spirit lifted mala flowing
Light added to our journey’s flow.