Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Thoughts From My Silence

This poem was sent in by Barbara Moss Abramson describing her experience meditating for the first time in a long time. About the experience, Barbara said:  "I wrote it last night, immediately after I finished sitting quietly. Then I slept well."

I sat in silence to listen to the stillness
Yearning to touch the quiet spaces inside my head, Shushing the noise my thoughts created.

I heard not silence, but the pelting of the rain on the roof, the slap of leaves and earth soaking up the moisture pellets.

My dog, confused by my sitting in the dark paced back and forth, his nails clicking on the wood and tile floors.

An urgent woof, summoning me to bed
Distressed by the change in my routine
A cat meows outside the door seeking shelter from the wet night, only to be scared away by the insistent bark –
My protector heard it too

Now he scratches at the door
Then laps water from his bowl
I can almost hear his thoughts
Wishing me to hasten on to bed

Did I succeed?
No deep revelations were revealed
Yet in the sounds around me
None but from true nature heard
I found peace