Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter 1, Sutra 15

"The mastery established by someone who has lost all craving for the matters of experience or enjoyment, whether perceived with physical senses or heard of in the tradition and scriptures (as of the subtle worlds), is called dispassion." Swami Veda

Explanation: This sutra defines vairagya, dispassion or non-attachment. Non-attachment is built up through a process. At first one seeks to begin building strength to resist attraction and attachment by limiting indulgence. Once that is successful, then one can eliminate certain sensual enjoyments and strengthen a spirit of renunciation. As the practitioner becomes increasingly aware of the benefits of this practice, the will strengthens, and one can further increase his dispassion. This sutra makes it clear that mastery means not being attached to not only sensual enjoyment experience but also things heard about from the scriptures. Direct experience of the effects of attachment and of the peace when there isn't attachment increases the strength of detachment.

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