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Haiti Will Rise As A Phoenix

Nature dismantles what She has created as an invitation to us to re-create, reconstruct. In Haiti She has dismantled so that we may take Her invitation and go and rebuild.

If anyone has lost even a wink of sleep imagining a hungry baby on the breast of a mother dead in the earthquake, let him/her regain that wink of sleep by offering even one milk bottle. Drop by drop the buckets fill; bucket by bucket we make reservoirs.

I only have hope and not despair. I believe and envision that this dismantling has occurred so that Haiti may rise as a phoenix and I believe that now Haiti will rise as a prosperous democracy of a people who are happy and in comfort. Imagine what that nation will be like even by 2020 with all the efforts now already going into rebuilding and giving hope to those who for now seem to have lost all hope.

To all the members of the AHYMSIN family, may I request that in your next personal meditation sitting and in the next group meditation, do offer a prayer to Divine Mother that the people of Haiti will regenerate themselves with the power of these offerings.

Also do not forget (if it took you one minute to read this) the TEN   children who just DIED of HUNGER in all parts of the world while you were reading this message.

May Mother Nature inspire our wisdom and compassion.

Swami Veda Bharati
Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh