Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


I wanted to share one of my experiences that I had in MN this past July.

I spent a lot of my time there re-cultivating my creative energy.  I found myself drawing symbolic designs at the top of a blank index card & at the bottom writing "naham karta."  At first I was analyzing and judging my artistic skills after almost 10 years of not practicing.  I was noticing the lack of symmetry & steadiness.  But then I would get down to "naham karta," & affirm "I am not the doer."  Through repetition I would notice myself being less & less critical of these designs.  I'd say it took a good 50 of these cards until I fully surrendered to the concept of "naham karta." Then everything created was beautiful & perfect.  I have continued creating these cards & have given all of them away...each time seeing that infinite Divine sparkle of light in the receiver's eyes. 
I continually thank you for sharing God's Light.

Katie Stueve