Vision of Swami Rama

A man saw Swami Rama walk into his room in March of this year. Here is the story in his own words.

Akand mandalakaram vyaptam ye na characharam, Tat padam darshitem ye na tasmai shri Gurve namah.
It was the 25th of March 09 and the tenth day of my stay at Swami Ram Sadhaka Gram, Rishikesh (the Ashram). Early in the morning, at 3.45 am, Swami Ram entered my room and gave me instructions to observe silence. I could not accept or understand this incident. I heard myself saying…Swami Ram, Swami Ram?? I have heard that Swami Ram left his corporeal body twelve years ago. I have only seen two videos of Swami Ram while staying in this Ashram.  At that time I did not know any other thing about Swami Ram. I was perplexed and mystified. Was it a dream? Was I asleep at the time? How could Swami Ram enter my room and give me instructions? His body passed away twelve years ago!! My room was locked from inside. For the whole of the next day, I was not myself - I was baffled and confused. In the evening, I went to Maa Radha and shared my intention of going on a silent retreat, without sharing with her my puzzling dream.
I take up silent fasting for nine days twice each year during the Navratras.  I started my silent fast this year as I have done for the past eight years. However, this year my nine days silence extended to forty days. As I began my silent fast, I started getting more guidance from the unknown. I don’t know where those instructions came from but I was inspired to reduce and alter my diet pattern. I started feeling light in my body and my spirit. To this day, I continue to get this guidance for many different aspects of my life.
Even today, when I think about Swami Ram’s appearance in my room to bless me, I find myself floating in the vast ocean of existence and I wonder about the nature of that experience.
One day during my silent fast, while I was meditating, I suddenly felt a moment of clarity where I could understand the universal mind. However, this was a fleeting experience. I have heard and read many times about this universal mind, but I never understood its real meaning. Fifteen minutes before the meditation time was over, I suddenly saw big waves of ocean, in many layers coming towards me from the picture of Swami Ram. I felt wonderful and felt that Swami Ram was blessing me. For a brief moment, I understood how one can connect to others with a single mind. These two incidents are very memorable within my life.
After Swami Veda Bharati’s arrival in the Ashram, I joined a one week course, conducted for the people, who speak Hindi. I enjoyed that a lot. After the course was over, Swami Veda gave nine days of silent meditation to all the Ashram residents. During those nine days I felt like my body was in heaven. I had many other worldly experiences during those nine days. I experienced things that I have only read and heard from the Hindu mythology…the stories about Indra, the king of Devas, feeling jealous at the spiritual progress of others. I could feel how the five enemies of spiritual progress, Kama (desire), Krodha (anger), Mad (ego) Moha (attachment), and Lobh (greed) try their best to derail the seeker’s from his/her path of  spiritual progress.  I could not understand two such experiences which I had during this silent meditation. I was a little disappointed that I could not make sense of my experience and wondered how I can clear my doubts. I didn’t have courage to go to Swami Veda and clear my doubts.
On the eighth day, it was announced that silent meditation period was over. I was preparing myself to go to Delhi. I had already booked my train ticket for that day. Although I had so many good experiences during the silent mediation, I was still a little confused about those two experiences. On the ninth day after breakfast, I saw that Swami Veda has called us for silent mediation again. I was very happy when I read this as my train was to leave in the evening the same day. To my considerable surprise, Swami Veda asked us to wait after the meditation and then he proceeded to clarify one of the doubts I had by drawing the thing on the board. My doubt had been cleared without me ever speaking of it. I was deeply moved by this experience.
There still remains one experience that was not clear to me.  Here is how it goes…during one of my meditation sessions, I heard someone whispering a MANTRA in my ear. I could not understand the words. A few minutes later, those words were whispered again in my ears. Once again, I could not understand them. Both the times I felt that someone was standing next to me on my right side and whispering the Mantra. I opened my eyes to see who it was, but no one was there. Everyone in the room was sitting with their eyes closed. I am looking forward to understand the words of that Mantra which was whispered in my right ear during my silent meditation.
When I reached Delhi, all my friends asked me where I had been. They all expressed the desire to visit that place. I stayed in Delhi for my visa process for almost a month. When I reached Melbourne (Australia), my family could see my inner bliss.
I am very much grateful to SRSG for its loving and kind atmosphere and the facilities given to me during my stay over there and looking forward to stay in The Ashram again.
With lots of thanks.
Bharti Pant