Yoga Meditation Is Not A Religion

Does the Fact that Yoga Meditation in the Himalayan Tradition Is Not a Religion Need Clarification?

The question of “is this a religion” or the accusation of “this is a religion” often arise in regards to yoga meditation practices, such as mantras, prayers, fire offerings, and various others. Does the fact that yoga meditation as taught in the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters is not Hinduism or any other religion need further clarification?

Because the question does arise often, Swami Veda shares this response, “Religions arise from the deep meditational states of their founders. The practitioners of yoga aspire to reach that state; that is why some of the terminologies are the same. Just as those visiting India accuse me of teaching quasi-Hinduism, Christians in Korea and Taiwan accuse me of teaching Buddhism! When we have Christian priesthood trainees at our Ashram, including the last batch of 40 from Kerala, they go away thinking I am teaching Christianity. Those visiting my lab think I am a neurologist. I can’t win.”