Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Exploring Nano-Universes

I went exploring the interior of a speck of dust and was awed at the sight of a million earths therein orbiting around their suns.

I dived into a drop of water and therein could not count the number of unfathomable bluest of the blue oceans washing at as many earths’ rocky feet as there are bubbles and ebbing to depths of storm-brewing cauldrons of sub-oceanic volcanoes.

I grabbed a passing micro-swirl of fragrant breeze and breathed my self into its core. I was whirled within it by winds upon winds that carry the planets around whirring and swirling inside the solar plexus of gods.

For my next pilgrimage I chose to mustard seed temple. As I entered its portal to prostrate before its altar of light, I was made a wonder-stuck witness to the million-epoch epics being played as the liturgy of worship.

Between two twangs of musical notes I found an interstice into the vast special hallway of the astral orchestra with a cast of as many angelic players as the total number of thoughts among all the living beings in all universes past, present and future.

I took a ride on a passing photon in a beam of light hoping to ascend and descend along the beams between the earth and the sun. The photon opened itself to me like a pod and therein lay arrays upon unending arrays of soul sparks waiting to eb born embodied in the worlds yet to be created.

Village mother sat cooking on a wood stove. I was fascinated by the myriad trajectories, like notes from so many musical instruments, taken by the sparks flying around and I wondered now what mysteries lay concealed in the heart of each spark. I gathered all the warmth of my energies into an intense cell point, made that into a vehicle for all my consciousness, and ventured into the interior of the most proximate spark. Little did I know that it would be a journey of aeons upon aeon through uncountable conflagrations from whose billion light years extending flames being rolled into balls universes of giga-dimensions were being created to serve as bodies for gods to inhabit.

Despairing of ever unravelling reasons, purposes, causes, oh, sorceries of sources of mirages of mysteries through ventures into every passing particle of elements, I turned my gaze towards the oceans within me. I sat transfixed witnessing unending processions of waves upon waves of thoughts of multi-myriad forms.

My attention was caught by a micro-space between two thoughts filled by a stillpoint thought of incredible brilliance. As I looked closely the still point thought opened its door and thus, like a cell divided, became two densely close stillpoints. Between the two stillpoints, as between two cliffs, I now saw gushing, rushing, a waterfall, nay, an ascending cascade of light impenetrably condensed, falling upwards into an immeasurably deep canyon of time forming pools of such utter stillness that not a syllable spilled, not a world waved, not a sense stirred.

With an unprecedented intensity of concentration I was drawn to cast myself into the ascending flow of light. That which I had first deemed impenetrable immediately enveloped me as a chrysalis turning me into waves upon waves of a condensed brilliant bliss of such power that I could have in each standing still moment digested a mega-mille worlds of darkness and pain generating in their stead universes shaped of elixirs and ambrosias.

My eyes closed to the brilliance of light, each of my cells had become a door of perception. My senses were un-tingled, my knots un-tangled, my confused webs of energy streams were being neatly re-arranged by beings of light with nimble ray fingers, their persons not discernible separately from the cascade of light. I was being re-shaped, un-shaped like them as a being of light, being moulded into a vessel of the most subtle highest frequency forces that cast no shadows, that leave no ripples in their wake where they pass. Such was to be my imminent fortune as to make me a dweller of their non-world. Better to serve in their heaven than to reign as emperor on mere earth.

But, alas, suddenly a thick crooked finger of darkness reached in, grabbing me, lifting me to I knew not where. Next moment I lay smashed on a jagged slab of condensed darkness in the valley of thoughts.

Ever since then I wander this valley searching far and wide for the still point cliff cleft in twain through whose nano-interstice flows the upward cascade of densest light, caught in the upthrusting forces of which one is perforce thrown into freedoms in the eternities of light.