Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

A Secret

I'll tell you one more secret of success in life.
It's a very simple trick.

Very difficult to master because you have doubts.

Everybody here has doubts.

When you sit and listen to it, you say, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Oh yeah!

That's right. Ah ha!"

But the moment you put on your shoes, there is some black magic in the shoes.

The moment you put on your shoes to walk out of here, the black magic takes over, and you say, "Hum?

Well, I've got to think about it."

And you take off your shoes, and the black magic is there all over your feet.

The next time you buy shoes, find some that have not been hexed.

I'll tell you one secret.

I'll tell you two or three little secrets, okay?

Wherever you go, wherever you sit down - you sit in a bus - you sit in your car seat - you go to a party - even if you are going to get drunk - it doesn't matter. . . .

Wherever you go and sit down - you come in here and sit down - okay? - mentally, without any ritual, without letting on that you are doing anything unusual at all, behaving among the rogues as a fellow rogue - do you follow?

Wherever you sit - if you are a policeman and sit in a policeman's chair, and if you have been arrested and have to go sit waiting on a bench, or you sit waiting in a doctor's office. . . .

Wherever you go and sit down - okay? - mentally say your mantra three times, and surrender that seat to the Guru Lineage.

You don't know what "Guru Lineage" means.

Let me say this plain and simple.

No matter how much we talk about it, you have no idea at present.

Only when you begin to teach, you begin to suspect that there is somebody who is helping you teach.

But you can't figure it out.

You can't quite pinpoint it. Okay?

Wherever you sit down, mentally surrender your seat to the Holy Ghost, to the Guru Lineage, to the teaching Spirit of the Universe, through the tradition that is yours.

You say, "I am here; this is Thine."

It doesn't matter what you are doing.

Wherever there is suffering, that is your place. See?