A Special Message

Dear Initiate and Devotee,
The message of Swami Rama of the Himalayas has been to dwell in an inner depth while operating in the shallows of the world. In a society filled with much distraction and tribulation we need to learn that subtle art. We need to discover that Himalayan cave into which we can enter through the secret door in our workplace and home, in a crowded bazaar and in the supermarket. Everywhere, the divinity has set these doors. Just look and you will find one right there. Oh, look inwards; that is how you will find it.

The path of meditation is not that of withdrawal but of gaining
greater capacity to serve the world. Your love for your family, and the duties you perform, are also an act of meditation if your mantra remains with you, and if an inner calm is maintained while being involved.

I would like to be of service to you, and help as much as I can. But Gurudeva Swami Rama said that there is God's Grace, Guru's Grace, and one's own Grace. If one confers not upon oneself one's own Grace, then the divine grace cannot be fully effective. I pray that you learn the subtlest art of ever living in the Grace of your own Divine Self.

When you live in such Grace, many things change. You do not wait for some teacher or swami to visit once a year. How many cities can one person visit and for what duration of stay? Won't you make your own city an Ashram? Please be involved. Serve the work of the Lineage throughout the year. I find that many initiates do not participate in the regular meditation sessions offered by the Group. Let me tell you a secret:

A small magnet can pull a little needle and might be very proud of its strength to do so. But, how much is its strength? Join it to a larger magnet, and the strength of its Guru magnet becomes its own strength.

Join a hundred little magnets together, and their combined strength can turn a turbine. This is what happens in a group meditation. A common mind-field is created and that entire mind-field meditates.

The strength of that meditation, and the intensity of Grace conferred and received there, is not that of one small magnet but of all of them combined.

When you will join in such meditation, there will also arise an urge
in you to serve others who are part of that common mind-field. Your spiritual kinship will deepen and will inspire you ever more. Then the work of a visiting teacher will be more effective also. Look at what you do when a visiting teacher is present; do the same in his physical absence.

Also take the fullest benefit from the teacher(s) who are right there in your midst, taught by Gurudeva to serve you and help you.

Our Gurudeva is guiding us now in a form other than the one to which we were accustomed. But guidance is there. I hope you would visit his Ashram sometime soon (or, shall I say again, if you have already visited it). You can feel the palpable energy. You can invite that Presence in your meditation centre; of this I can assure you. It can be done. In my next letter I shall tell you how that can be done; it is really simple and easy.

If you need, write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your message will reach me wherever I am. I receive many communications and try to answer each one to the best of my capacity even when traveling.

If it is not a direct answer, it will still come to you in one form or
another; otherwise I am worthless in the eyes of my Lineage.

Please visit the Himalayas daily at a fixed time, the Himalayas that are there at your meditation seat. Grace will touch you like the ever subtlest musical note that is the full song of a breeze flowing from an angel's wing. Won't you like to touch that wing tip?

I wish for you that your mind be touched by an angel's WinZip during your next meditation session; and by a hundred angels' wing tips during the next group session.

With the love that the Lineage bears for each of its initiates, and
with the Blessing of the Guru Lineage's Grace . . .

Yours in service of Gurudeva,

Swami Veda Bharati