Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition

Shri-The Divine Mother

[Shri, the Divine Mother] . . . inside those who are not yet initiated She is still the City in the Island of the Sun in the middle of their darkness.

She is the Awakener. Even though there is darkness, She awakens. She awakens the Sun, makes the Sun rise inside them, and thereby they begin to seek initiation. There are times when people are touched by a divine experience spontaneously and incidentally because the Wave touches them even without the formal initiation. For those whose consciousness is not awakened, whose spirituality has not become practical, for them also She is the channel. She is the soft waterfall of the sound they hear, of the fragrance, of the bouquet of the Flowers of Consciousness . . . . for the impoverished She is the charm of the. . . Wish-fulfilling Jewels. And for those who are sunk in the Ocean of the Cycles of Birth and Death, [She is the Rescuer.]

"And for those who are sunk in the Ocean of the Cycles of Birth and Death . . ." Now please understand that a devotee of God who has had a Self-realization is not afraid of death. S/he is afraid of being reborn. S/he is afraid of birth. Our prayer is not “May I not die.” Our prayer is “May I not be born again. May I rise above the cycles of birth and death.” So we speak of the birth processes as being more painful than the death processes, and that is correct. The process of being born is much more painful than the process of dying. There may be pain and suffering out of disease before dying, but in dying itself there is no suffering. Dying itself is not a painful process, but being born is a very painful process. There is a whole nine months of waiting and passing through all the squeezing and everything. And we still keep wanting to be reborn.