Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


The most advanced practice of Sri Vidya is identification with the divinity: I am She; I am Shakti. And first you practice the most sattvic aspects of that Shakti : learning to be a mother to all, without discrimination, without distance. For the next one year until we meet again, for example, try to do these things:

1) Learn to avoid using the word “no” and “not,” and let us see how well you succeed in that. That is a very advanced practice.

2) Learn to avoid using the word “I,” “me,” and “mine.”

3) Try to find excuses on behalf of your opponent about his acts that are against you.
4) In small things learn to put the other persons before you.

Now don’t get hurt. I’ll give you an example. It’s not a sweetie, sweetie example; you will be hurt, so I warn you beforehand. You will be hurt: There is so much kheer available; there are a hundred people to eat it; those who are in front have taken; the last twenty did not get any. And that is where your unselfishness is tested. That is where your motherliness is tested. Look behind at how many people there are. I will be missing my duty if I did not say it. Don’t only take care of yourself in small matters. It’s easy to write a one-billion-dollar check as a donation. It’s more difficult to take one slice of bread less if there is not enough. And you find similar examples in your life and set yourself the tasks self-improvement. This you can do not by sitting with your eyes closed and doing advanced mantras. This you can do only by constant self-observation.