Govidapada's Advice to Shankara

Sharkara then asked, "What are your final words to me, Gurudeva, and what exactly is the Mission that you want me to accomplish?"


Guru Govindapada replied, "Your purpose for living at the monastery is accomplished. Now go and share the wealth that you have obtained with the rest of the world. May you be a light to yourself and a light to the world.

Be fearless. Let fearlessness radiate from you and dispel the fear in the hearts of others. Let you neither be a threat to others, nor consider anyone to be a threat to you.

Deliver only the message of the sages as you received them directly or from the revealed scriptures, such as the Vedas and the Upanishads.

You must neither force others to follow you or manipulate them into following you; rather dedicate your life to the highest truth and let the magnetism of the truth pull humanity toward the truth.

Do not teach principles that you do not practice. Do not teach the principles that you have found to be true in your direct experience but are somehow contradicted by revealed scriptures. You must resolve the differences between your direct experience and the scriptural revelations, and only then teach it emphatically.

It is not important to teach all that you know. Rather teach what people need and what they deserve.

Guide them in such a manner that they improve their lives, become stronger, increase their capacities. gain deeper insight, and thus in a progressive manner become worthy to receive and appreciate the higher wisdom.

Be a Paritbrasika, a constant traveler. Everywhere you go, discover pragmatically what the people are missing there. Find out how it can be provided, and find a way to provide it to people and interact with them without hurting them.

From now on, this Earth itself is your bed, your arms are your pillow, the sky itself is the roof under which you sleep, fresh breezes are your fans. the sun and moon are your lamps, and dispassion is your life's companion. Without being burdened by any worldly possessions, be the Emperor of the Universe. May eternal peace be yours."

Carrying these words with profound gratitude in his heart, Shankara left the monastery.