Resources of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition


The path of Tantra is not the path of denial of beauty. The so-called spiritual people in other schools, say that the human body is nothing; it is ugly. It is bones and flesh and blood and all that is oozes out of all your openings. And the Southern school of Buddhists takes the disciples to the graves and shows them rotting bodies to take them away from attachment to the body, right? Same thing in the Christian tradition. Same thing in the Hindu tradition. Same thing in the Southern Buddhist tradition and so on. Very much, very, very prevalent.

But in the Tantric tradition it is the worship of beauty and taking that beauty and making it as a tool of ascendance. Admiring it, adoring it, praising it, worshipping it, and thereby rising to the real source of that beauty which is a non-physical one. Understanding that this is a wave that passes through the whole Universe, that beautifies all things, all gems and all eyes from within, and that in this there can be no negation. There can be no denial. And yet there can not be an attachment to a mere physical form without the touch of that wave. So the admiration should not be for the physical form but for that internal wave that touches the physical form from within and gives it the beauty and attraction.

So please understand what this Saundarya-lahari is. What is this Wave of Beauty? Now let me tell you one secret today. When your spiritually grows, one of the things that happens is that people say, “S/he is a beautiful person.” Right? Because Sri Bhagavati Tripuri Saundarya, She the Beauty of the Three Cities.... She manifests herself and beautifies you. (In India instead of writing Mr. and Mrs. we always write Sri and Sri Mati. So all the nine hundred million Indians are initiated in Sri Vidya. What a great country! Sri Man. Any government letter you receive is endowed with the blessing Sri.) So it makes you; it beautifies you. It gives you an internal beauty that comes to exude on you.

Now, one of the dangerous things that happens with it is that those who are not initiated to that level in spirituality mistake that beauty and become attracted to it in a physical way, and that is the greatest danger in the life of a teacher, you know. Many teachers have to battle with it because people don’t recognize that by touching it, you destroy it. And if you are not careful or are not well trained, or your guru is not there to hit you over the head day and night, you make it into a power game, and then you fall down. And that also happens with so many spiritual teachers. See. It’s very, very easy for a spiritual teacher to fall prey to that kind of people’s admiration, adoration, you know. And everybody coming: “You are so beautiful. You are so wonderful,” you know, to such a degree.... Who was that great Shiite lady in the south who prayed to made ugly and old? She had given her life to the Divine and was so beautiful, and everybody coming running around wanting her to marry, and this and that. “Lord, please make me ugly and old, Lord Ganesha," you know. So overnight she was all wrinkled and pendulous and free of people.

So one has to always, whether you are a man or you are a woman, once you are a teacher and you have this in you, this is the greatest, you know. This happens with sanyassins, you know, and the more you renounce, the more attractive you become. And people don’t even understand what it is that they are drawn to. One has to be always very watchful . . . . taking on this Chitta Ananda-lahari, the Wave of Beauty and the Wave of Consciousness and the Wave of Bliss. This Universal Wave of Beauty touches you from inside.