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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 8

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One should surrender without any expectation because that creates tension. You cannot actually surrender if you always look to see whether it's working or not. Expectation is a kind of ego. In this book we talk about love - that I love someone or I love everybody or that I love this. The word love has so much power. Love is surrender. 

True love teaches you only to give and give and give
and do not ever expect anything in return.

You must fall in love with your daily practice. Falling in love means that you think about your practice all the time. When you fall in love, what happens? You think about that person all the time. No matter what you're doing. So your mind gets colored. Have your practice become a part of your daily life and you will reach to that point where you look forward to sitting. You will forget other things but you never will forget to sit. That is called falling in love. 

Any time somebody mentions practice, 
a joy arises in your heart, in your mind.

Your heart should fill with happiness the moment you even think of your practice. That does not come unless you surrender yourself completely. Surrendering means opening yourself completely for the guidance that is waiting from the absolute Lord. 

They are always with us. I remember once, Swamiji, Swami Rama of the Himalayas, said "I have very little time and I want to pass on this knowledge, this teaching. I am tired now but I do not find anybody that is willing to take it." It's not a simple willing, okay Swamiji I would like to. That's not what it means. It means you are ready, you are capable, that you can retain and handle it. It is not merely a desire or a curiosity. You have to be a sincere seeker for that truth, for that liberation, for that peace. Then you will receive it. It shall open for you if you seek sincerely.

Adhikari means a qualified one, who has the qualifications to retain and handle the teachings. Studying the Bhagavad Gita helps us become adhikari.