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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 7

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Arjuna complained "I cannot fight, I am confused, I do not know what to do, I am sweating, I am fearful, I am shaking". Lord Krishna was next to him and did not say a single word to him. Then Arjuna says, "O Krishna, I am your student. I surrender myself and I am ready for your help." The moment he surrenders, the Lord begins to speak.

When you pray, when you meditate, it is because you want to pray, because you need some kind of guidance, so you need to surrender yourself. You need to give yourself at the service of the Lord. If you do not, then you keep asking for help but your mind still will be blocked. When your mind is not open, the teaching will not penetrate. 

Surrender means you are meditating without any 
ego problems or showing off. We want to be liberated 
but don't know that we are blocking ourselves.

That is a very important concept in the path of meditation, in the path of yoga, the path of spirituality, the path of self conquest, the path of liberation. One has to open oneself and surrender. We are blocking ourselves. We want guidance and to free ourselves from all kinds of problems. Help comes and you are closed and it bounces back to the source from where it came. 

They want to teach, but the moment they try, they say, well, he is closed or she is closed, she doesn't want to open. We have so much resistance. Somehow we are so afraid to open ourselves. The guide, the absolute one, the Lord, wants to penetrate, to give the teaching, but we have been closed. 

Work, discipline yourself, purify yourself and one day
you will see. You are now open for the teachings.