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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 6

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Arjuna drops his arms. He says, I can't do it. I am shaking, he says. So too, we are shaking, because we are confused and have lost confidence. We feel we are too weak. We put ourselves down. Even if you have made some kind of mistake, learn to forgive yourself. Do not keep making the mistake and then keep forgiving yourself. Learn and stop doing it. Self-condemnation is not a right virtue for human beings.Self-condemnation is not recommended on the path of spirituality.

Arjuna does not want to fight because he sees all his cousins, relatives. He says, I do not need this kind of kingdom. He has moha - attachment. 

Take a principle such as moha, anger, jealousy, hatred, or desire. For a whole week, as you go through daily life, as you go through your work and deal with all kinds of people and business, think how you operate. How many times did you get angry? And if you got angry, why did you get angry? Immediately examine yourself. If there was attachment, why was attachment there? Why was greed there? Find out the reason. 

Most of the time you just reacted. Maybe you did not understand and you got angry. How is your patience? If you want to get something done on time, or you are going somewhere and you are late, observe how you run out of patience. What are the consequences of that impatience? You are agitated, angry, tense. Read the Bhagavad Gita and compare how you operate. Your mind will resist, your body will resist so that fighting will begin between you and your principles. Personality is not the true Self. Persona is like a fake. You have to examine yourself. If you do that, then Krishna will guide you. 

Krishna also means inner dweller, who guides you from within.

From within, some kind of guidance will come forward, some kind of inner voice you will hear, do this, and do that and do not. You will not have a good feeling if you are not supposed to do something. Arjuna was so confused and did not know what to do. He is asking for help as we all do.