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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 4

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The chitta, our unconscious mind, has many thousands of knots. We think being free means you can go anywhere you want to go, you can do anything that you want to do. Actual freedom means being able to prevent something that is not appropriate, that is not good for you or society. Let's say you are going to suffer from a physical disease next month. If you can prevent that, it means you have freedom to keep yourself healthy. 

To be free to think clearly, to concentrate on one 
object as long as you want to - that is real freedom.

Here we sit for meditation and the moment we close our eyes, the mind is all over the place. Hundreds of thoughts come and go. Freedom is when you sit and do a sankalpa that I will sit here for 15 minutes and not move and I will constantly repeat my mantra with full concentration. If you succeeded with that, it means you indeed have freedom. 

In the Gita, Krishna means that aspect of the absolute Lord that attracts you. The moment you read, you will fall in love. Krishna attracts you toward the path of peace, towards the path of spirituality, towards the path of final liberation. 

Krishna represents the teacher 
who guides you on the right path.

Arjuna means a student who is dying for knowledge, who is inquisitive, always seeking for guidance from a competent teacher. He is not wasting time. Arjuna represents all of us. You all are Arjuna if you are seeking the true knowledge. In the first chapter, Arjuna is standing right at the battlefield. It is all symbolic. He is standing right at the battlefield and is very much confused. He does not know what to do. He does not know - what is my duty, what is my dharma now? Not only does he not know but does not want to do anything because he is afraid. There is so much fear in him. 

This world is a battlefield for us. Each one of us has our own battle and we are fighting it every single day. Many times we are frustrated with that battle and most of the time we are confused. There is so much fear and attachment. All kinds of emotions are involved when we are dealing with the real world. Time goes and you look back. You have not done anything, except worry and feeling sorry for yourselves, feel guilty, and it all was wasted. That is the time we do need a true teacher like Krishna.