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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 24

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Adhyatma nitya means one who is always pursuing the spiritual path, always thinking of spirituality, always having conducive thoughts. Nitya means always, all the time. Adhyatma means spirituality. Control over kama (desires) that holds us back, makes us a better person in society, makes us better human beings among humans. It makes us really human. A human is one with a clear mind that has started walking on the path of spirituality, regardless of whether you reach to the final goal or not. Once someone asked a question of Swami Veda - you are teaching, how many people will reach the final goal? He said, that's not the point. 

The point is that we have started walking 
on the path of spirituality. It is our dharma.

If a human being in this lifetime has not walked a step, they have wasted this life. At least we have started walking. Once you have started walking, you are bound to reach to the destination. If you are just sitting, you will not reach. It is like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Within your capacity, with one pointed mind, keep that awareness, just walk at your pace and you will reach. You don't have to jump. These stories are there to tell us why it is important for us human beings to walk on the path of spirituality. That is the real goal. Your effort will make you reach today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow. 

Krishna says, Arjuna, do not get attached, in moha, with attachment. Those who are standing in front of you, they and me and you have come in this world several times. It is not that you are killing them. It is a cycle that comes and goes. Your duty is to establish law and order. The Atman never dies, it is ever free, ever pure, ever wise. No one can kill Atman, so who are you killing? Why are you sad? Perform your actions and do not seek the fruit. Perform your actions and surrender them to me. I am the way; I take you to the final path. All actions that are done for selfishness will bind you. 

All actions that are done for the sake of others without expectations of fruit
and with surrender, will never bind you, they will free you from bondage.
Whenever you perform any action, think of me. I am everywhere, I am omnipresent. If you have that in your mind, you will always do that which is good for you, good for your family, for your neighbor. 

I am the one who is doing, you are not the doer. You are the medium.