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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 23

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Moha means attachment. We need to develop non-attachment, to conquer attachment. Non-attachment does not mean you leave and don't get involved. Getting more involved without getting attached is non-attachment. It means your emotions do not get involved. Doctors treat a patient but do not take on the pain of the patient. When doctors do surgery, how do they perform it? You cannot cut a part of the body if you are emotionally attached. You have to detach yourself.

The moment you get emotionally involved it will block your capacity,

clarity and intuition because emotions cloud your mind.

Swamiji gives the definition of love in this Bhagavad Gita. We say I love this person, I love you, I love that but it is an expression of our selfishness. There is love because there is attachment, some kind of expectation in return. Non-attachment means you are involved and do not expect anything in return. You involve yourself and just keep doing for the sake of others. You don't have an idea in your mind that you will receive this or that. You do and you forget. The moment you have done a good thing, you forget because otherwise each thing creates an expectation in our mind. 

Attachment creates anger, hatred, and jealousy. Desires come because of attachment. The moment there are desires, there is krodha (anger) if the desires are not fulfilled. When you get angry, the mind, the buddhi, shuts down. You cannot use your buddhi to know what is right and wrong. 

The moment the buddhi shuts down, you cannot think right, 

you cannot make right decisions. You are totally helpless.

A mother loves her child dearly. That is natural but does she care for the neighbor's child exactly the same way? She doesn't because she is not the mother of that child. If that child has eaten or has not eaten, she doesn't care, but if her child has not eaten, she cares. If you have the same feeling for the child next door, that will be love, it will be non-attachment, because you do not expect anything in return.

Saintly people love everyone the same equally, whether you know them or you don't know them. They don't receive anything from us but they love us the same. Once there are no expectations you will be able to do more and more because expectations hold you back. If an expectation does not get fulfilled then you turn away. With no expectation, you do as much as you can within your capacity. Nothing holds you back.