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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 21

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You can make the same dish for a week and it will taste different each time because of our mood. You don't have to quit eating certain foods, like for instance garlic and onion. With a correct state of mind, you can eat and still balance them. 

Silence is critical. Pay attention when you eat.

The state of mind in which you eat makes a difference. Chew 32 times. Don't talk. The awareness with which you chew your food makes the difference. You need the right atmosphere and environment in which you cook the food and eat the food. Say you are eating pizza while changing the channels on TV. The body has eaten pizza without any awareness and you eat too much. All things have to be noticed, brought into your awareness. 

Prayer helps to create the sattvic guna. With the same frame of mind, 

you offer the food to the Lord and then you take prasad.

With awareness, you can take away the negative energy to a great degree. You are eating with the awareness that it came from the Lord because you offered it to the Lord. Don't have discussion or anger while you are eating. 

Digestion becomes smooth when done that way. 

According to yoga and Ayurveda, when you eat your food, make sure your right nostril is open. That makes a difference in the digestive system. Sit straight and open your right nostril before you eat. The solar energy in the right nostril and right side of the body will help you digest your food easily. Opening the right nostril is also good when working on a project. Your mind is kept one pointed and centered when the right nostril is open. 

These are simple observances that one should do. You can create a conducive environment to your sadhana, your path, your spirituality.