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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 3

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Many people I know read the Gita every day. That's their sadhana, their spiritual practice. Whether they know the meaning or not, by repeating it, some samskaras are erased. Every thing you do from morning to evening leaves an imprint on your mind. They stay there forever and later manifest. Which way they will come, what form, no one can predict. That's how our personality and thinking and behavior comes. So people read the Bhagavad Gita every day so they are creating divine samskaras in their mind. Later on, understanding comes automatically. 

Whenever there is a problem, when there is a crisis, 
when they are in a situation where nobody knows what to do, 
their mind is one-pointed, their mind is focused, and they know what to do.

The last moment of your life is the key. All the scriptures say that life is very precious, very important and the last minute of your life is the totality of the years you have lived. All this we are doing is a preparation for the last moment, the last second of your life. That is the time, that is the moment you decide, when you make your destiny for the next lifetime. 

Many people question that if that is the moment, 
then why am I struggling, why do I have to do this all?

Why do I have to meditate, why do I have to do these practices and read this and read that? I will think good things about myself and make the change, right at that last moment. But it does not work that way. You have to prepare. At the last minute, there is so much emotion and memories, it is very painful. You prepare yourself by purifying. 

Purification happens by doing your meditation, by doing your mantra, by reading holy scriptures, by contemplating on the principles of Gita or any scripture, so you are ready for the last moment. Your thoughts are directed that way. Any emotions manifested at that time will be governed by these thoughts and you go to the path of immortality, towards the moksha, towards the final liberation.