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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 18

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Read the story of the saints and sages. They have gone through rough times. It is like a goldsmith putting gold into the fire. They keep it in the fire for awhile and when it comes out, it shines. 

When you are in the fire, you are burning and that is very hard, 

very painful, but afterwards when you come out, you will shine.

You will receive peace, happiness and bliss, unexplainable joy and happiness. When you go through problems, increase your practice, launch on the spiritual path and apply these principles in your life. 

We all have experienced pain and misery that comes back over and over. We have the tendency to put it aside, we do not face it because it hurts. That is the time to use the buddhi to understand it. What happened? I am not in that situation but the hurt is still there. Understand you just have the memory of that hurt and slowly it will fade. Do not put it aside. Face it and think about it. The second thing is, go in silence and meditate. There you will face it more. Examine - someone has hurt me, it was very painful, now I have moved from that situation but it keeps coming back to me. 

It is painful because we have not cultivated ourselves to a higher level. Whatever happened in the past should not affect you. That's why buddhi is there. Remind yourself - this is not good. Examine yourself - this still bothers me. Next time it comes, I will face it and I will not allow myself to be bothered. Meditate, go in silence, examine yourself. You will see, slowly it will fade away and disappear. Do not stop problems or ignore them. Facing problems is a strength. Krishna is teaching Arjuna he has to fight. He has to establish law and order.

One who is born has to die, one who dies has to come back. 

It is a process. Why are you sad about this process?

There are past, future and present. Living in the present is a gift. Living in the moment is the great teaching of the Bhagavad Gita. The Lord says, why worry about what is done? The future has not come yet and we don’t know what is coming so don't worry about it. Live in the present, right now. The nature of the human mind is to brood or be disappointed by the past or worried about the future but neither is in our control. The future and past are not in our hands. The present is but we are not using this gift because we don't recognize we have it. 

Krishna says "O Arjuna, live in the present and do what is 

Necessary to do in this moment without any sorrow or pain."