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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 17

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No matter who comes in front of a master, his mood never changes. Because his mood never changes, when you come in front of him, your mood changes when you come into their presence. 

We have a great opportunity to use the tools of meditation and mantra. You can be aware of your mantra, be in the presence of your own mantra and not let any foreign objects attack you. You are completely covered by your mantra. When we meditate, we cover ourselves with our shawl. It is symbolic, it gives you a feeling of protection, like there is a boundary. Use the shawl of the presence of your mantra and you are covered. Wind will not penetrate because you are wearing the shawl of your mantra. You do not react to people because you are wearing the shawl of your mantra. 

The best part is that the person who was reacting will stop because your presence is so strong they will be affected in a positive way too. We are affected whenever a saint passes by. We go to them to experience the presence of a cultivated saint. When with them, we still only see them at our own level but they have such a presence that we benefit. 

When we go to a sacred place or shrine it gives us something we don't get in other places. Their presence is such that we are affected. So as you reach to a new height, you will influence people who come to you in a manner that is not appropriate to a meditator, to a spiritual person. You manage yourself, you remain with those principles, with a calm and one pointed mind, with awareness. You will see you change a person, very gently.

The reason to read the Gita is to learn to apply principles in your life.

The moment you apply a principle, your mind resists. It has a set pattern that we have established. We act or react in a certain way. The moment you change that pattern, resistance comes. You have to face the resistance. Running will not resolve the problem. Go through it. Face it. Hardship is known in a positive manner as purification. Think about it as a purification and you will not feel you are going through a rough time. A saint says to his students, whenever a rough time comes, I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to check myself where I stand and to purify myself and see how much strength I have got. Rough times will build your strength if faced with a positive manner. It will not make you miserable. It will make you a saint. A rough time is an opportunity given by the Lord.