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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 16

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How much have you cultivated your spiritual height? Make a note in your journal. Make a resolution - I have done this much last year, how much will I do this year? Examine yourself - each day, each month. Cultivating is a gradual process, not all at once. Don't just say that from tomorrow I will get up and meditate from 6 to 7 then I will exercise for an hour then I will... You may do out of your ego but it is torturing yourself, then you are tired and your whole system gets into imbalance. If you decrease the amount you sleep by 10 minutes a week, next month you will see a difference.

Examine your capacity and make a very gentle move.

The Gita is in many chapters because Krishna gave Arjuna a very gradual training. The Lord shows Himself to Arjuna in the tenth chapter, not the first. The Gita is a great book in psychology. If you want to train yourself, first you become friends with yourself, establish a relationship with yourself. That aspect can be known as Krishna and you yourself become Arjuna. That's why in the second chapter, Arjuna says, "Oh Krishna, I am your friend and your disciple and I am ready to learn. Please teach me." 

You have to say those things to yourself, that you surrender. Arjuna surrendered himself at the feet of his teacher who is his friend too. Why friend? Friendship has some rules - that you are very direct, very honest, you do not hide anything from a friend, but the same time you do not criticize your friend when it comes to others. You know the faults of your friend but you only tell your friend when you are alone with them. A true friend will guide you and will show you the right path. That is the relationship between Arjuna and Krishna. 

Krishna only comes when you have become friends, when you have surrendered, when you are ready.

The blessed Lord says that you have to perform your dharma, your actions. You have to be a yogi, meaning one who has learned to perform actions without being affected by them. Yoga karma sukoshalam - skillfulness in action - is when you act on behalf of the Lord. You do not react, that's the skill. Is it best for me to act now or later? To say something or not? To remain calm or go away from here? If someone comes in very mad at you, listen to him or her with a peaceful mind. It is a practice to do this. It may be very hard but it is possible.