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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 15

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There are two principles before Krishna will speak to us. You have to feel that you are a friend to that Lord and the same time, you are disciple/student of that Lord. If you are just a friend, Lord will not speak to you, if you are just a disciple, Lord will not speak to you. You have to have both. There is a third aspect that is just for us. 

You must believe in yourself, that you are ready to receive the teachings.

If you are not ready then nobody will come forward and teach. We think that we are ready to have some kind of teachings but we are not really. Once you say that you are ready to receive the teachings, the very source where the teaching comes from will test you by giving you all kind of hurdles to see whether you are indeed ready or not. That is the teacher's duty - to test you first until satisfied that you indeed have hunger for the knowledge. 

Many times we think we are ready then all the circumstances in life go wrong and you have this problem and that. You thought something was right and it was totally wrong. Your friends do not talk to you. Everything is haywire. You are confused. Then if that desire is still there with the same degree or more, all things will subside and the road will be smooth and the teaching will indeed flow and will penetrate your heart. That is how the philosophical and spiritual life goes. 

When we start meditating, we become aware of all the junk we have, how our mind wanders and how samskaras come up. Our perception changes. Sometimes now people don't understand you. There are all kinds of adjustments you have to make in your life. 

Do you want to elevate yourself spiritually or not?

In Arjuna's case, he has to rise above to see what he should do. He reacted and dropped all his weapons. All of us know what to do but the next moment we forget. We go back to our own tendencies and way of doing things, looking at things, behaving. Once in awhile we realize this is not good, I should be doing something else. Like the resolution we make for New Years, then after a week, they are gone. Where do they go? At the end of January, you find you have not done anything. You are still at the same level. When you make the resolutions you use your buddhi, your will power, but because we have not cultivated it, it goes away.