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Talks on the Bhagavad Gita - 13

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Swami Veda constantly emphasizes perennial psychology and emotional purification because we all have a mental block. We understand many things but when it comes to our life, when we really need that wisdom, or knowledge, that's where we lack. We find ourselves helpless, confused, and do not know what to do, because the flow of that knowledge is blocked mentally. We are blocked because we have not done enough emotional purification. 

He clearly says that he would like to see us not react, just act. You know the difference between reacting and acting? Acting is the action you are supposed to do, at that moment. When you cultivate yourself, that is action. Reaction is that you are influenced by the situation and you are confused by the situation. We give ourselves into the situation where we cannot act. Then we react. Reaction means that the power of certain circumstances comes into our mind. If I am mad at you, if you act, you won't get mad back at me. If you react, you will shout exactly the same way because you have taken my anger. You will answer with the same manner or twice as angry. You reacted. 

When you act, you keep yourself calm and centered and do not get affected by my anger. A situation for a person who has not cultivated him or herself makes them angry or agitated. The same situation, same intensity, makes a yogi laugh. Yogi means a person who has cultivated him or herself, who acts, not reacts.

When you keep a situation in your mind all night, you poison yourself. You ruin your sleep, your evening and you cannot act. You can't find a good reason for reacting the way you did. The buddhi (intellect) shuts down. Buddhi is the finest portion of our mind and is clear crystal, a mirror. The individual Self constantly reflects on that mirror, the buddhi. When we use our intellect, we only act. 

What is your dharma, your duty to do in life? That is the meaning of life. Life is full of circumstances, crises, problems. You cannot find a single human being that is free from this. They are there to teach us and give us the opportunity to learn to rise up. What is important in life?

Celebrate everything within. Your self is a temple. Light a candle at the heart center. Bow. Pay your homage to that inner dweller. Sit there and meditate. Receive the mental peace, the shanti. Gently you come out from that temple. Don't just leave that peace there, take it with you, everywhere you go. Keep that peace in your mind with every single action you perform. Keep that peace in your mind. That is how you cultivate yourself.